​​​Are you struggling to create a life of balance and joy? Are meaningful relationships difficult for you?
I am a Certified Life Coach ready to help you create lasting change. Through highly skilled coaching and accountability; I will help you gain clarity, confidence, power and integrity helping you bring balance back to your daily life. 
You'll learn to fill that empty space with amazing relationships, consistent joy, and inner peace allowing you to fall in love with your self, your life, your career and your relationships.

           I hope you are hear for these reasons.
 If not now, when?
I will work with you to create the change you want for your life. My Life Coaching will transform your loss of power and old beliefs and  help you shift the old patterns that don't serve you. You will learn to think and act differently to be more effective, powerful, aware, grateful and truly create life changing results.​        

Most often we made KEY DECISIONS during a major upset in our life. We were abused, someone cheated on us or left us, our dog died. It could be many things.... And then we operate from that drama and don't know why. There is a way out!

Our past key Decisions

Nothing has Any Meaning Other than what we Make it to be. Whatever meaning  I associate and assign to it determines how and what I do throughout my life. Ask Yourself...Am I living and communicating dis-empowering or empowering meanings?


 Why do we get STUCK?    Coach PETER - Life Coach Consultant in Tucson


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Our Old Patterns are most often in our way. We Try, We know we should, we even know better, but still... WE GET STUCK in our old patterns and we live in pain! Sound familiar?

The Story we tell ourselves 

LIFE COACH    Peter Cunningham

Coach Peter believes that...........

"If you CHANGE the way you see things.....

Then...The way you see things WILL CHANGE!"

    How to change our perception and actions.

1- Identify what the emotion really is. What am I really feeling? What is my label? Am I....Devastated? Disrespected?  Often it Is "Disappointment" which is very different than devastation? If I’m upset, ask…what am I really feeling? Often anger, Stress, feeling overwhelmed or depression is really just disappointment or frustration. This can tone down our feelings drastically. What do you think?
2- Acknowledge and appreciate what the real message this emotion is trying to give me and ask what it has to offer me? Don’t avoid it.
3- Get incredibly curious as to what the message is.
 What is the real message the emotion is trying to give me? The level of emotion will drop significantly.  I then learn how good it feels and how good it feels to get rid of it. What’s MY story??... they don’t care, they don’t love me, I’m not good enough? What’s an empowering way to look at this?  NOW..Take action to change your life. You only feel bad because you’re not doing anything in the moment.  The answer is to Take ACTION and Do something NOW!

You wouldn't drive your car by looking into the REAR VIEW MIRROR would you, so let's not operate from our PAST.
Thank you for doing something to help yourself today! 
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